We Are Pissed Off Oregonians.

We come together to hold politicians, of either party,

accountable for their campaign promises & actions.

We will also fight bad legislation that threatens to diminish

our wallets and our rights as Oregonians & Americans.


All the Oregon House Republicans have said that they wanted the capital open for almost a year.. But when push came to shove, they all fell flat. They did not bear out there own publicly stated beliefs. Just follow the money, it is rumored that THEY want their 2 million more than supporting Mike Nearman, a trusted friend and colleague.  Mike Nearman is the only one that followed his principles and acted on his beliefs for the citizens of Oregon. I am ashamed of the Republican’s in the house. The Protestors were there to demand there rights to observe and enter the peoples house (capitol) as what has been tradition and practice and even law. It is NOW, truly a TYRANTS, Palace. Citizen Mike Nearman needs to be RE-nominated BACK TO THE STATE LEGISLATURE by the county Commissioners who will pick a replacement. NOW! We need at lest one fighter to carry the torch of FREEDOM for us on the House side of the Legislature.