Not sure how to interpret this, but I swatted flies yesterday and 4 of them were wearing masks.

Mask just don’t work.  I put one over my butt, when I farted, it still cleared the room.

Man, you should see how mad the Captain of the Bio Response Team gets when his team is called out to remove those discarded blue mask from the park.  Don’t ask how I know this.

A couple of the Shot Police came to the door, I think I scared them when I opened the door in full scuba gear.  Maybe it was the speargun, but damn those guys can run fast.  Hey, I would have answered their question, I have nothing to hide.

My grandson is grounded from coming over for a month, it breaks my heart and I miss him.  Seems when the principal said he had to mask up to enter, he wore the mask with the tongue sticking out we found and bought for him the other day.  I can see the school administrations haven’t changed much over the years, still don’t have a sense of humor.

I got barred from one of the local liberal coffee shops.  Guess the Megan Rapinoe lookalike server did like my joke.  I had a note paper in front of me, put some notes down on it, and then started playing with my cellphone.  I kept saying thing that were audible, like, “Oh, I didn’t know that.  Really.  Geez.  I can find that stuff.”  It got her attention.  When I left, I made sure the notes were still on the table, “How do I know if I’m a Super Spreader?  Alternative meds to the vaccines?  How long should I put up with the fever and cough before I get checked at the ER?  Should a person be drinking coffee when infected?”  Another case of no sense of humor.

The Governor just instituted another mandatory indoor mask order, so the business owners all banned her from entering, not for mask and vaccination requirements, but for being so damned stupid.

I have a ventriloquist friend, he loves wearing and mask, and he loves to throw his feminine where people are disinfecting tables and such.  “No, please, we just want to live.  Oh no, not the children!”  It freaks people out.