Lynn Findley

Recall Oregon State Senator Lynn Findley

Lynn Findley is the Oregon Senator, Republican, for District 30 (Baker, Grant, Harney, Jefferson, Malheur, Wasco, Wheeler & parts of Clackamas, Deschutes, Lake and Marion Counties).

Oregon Senator  Lynn Findley

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1730
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, S-301, Salem, Oregon 97301


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July 4th, 2021 – Happy Independence Day – May God turn us from the ruining of this nation and state.
Hello everyone,
My name is Pat Kopke-Hales, and I reside in Senate District 30, Mt Vernon, Grant County, Oregon.
I am not doing this to receive any kind of attention, though that is what has happened. I am not doing this for notoriety or money either. In fact, I hate being the center of attention and to see my name is being tossed around this country of ours is frightening. It hit me afterwards when I went looking for an article by Dirk VanderHart, OPB Politics, about the petition for recall. My name is in the AP, The Oregonian, Oregon Public Broadcasting, Blue Mountain Eagle and many others. I did not ask to be put in the spotlight, but now that I have your attention… There are more motivating factors.
Often, we feel powerless against the government and elected officials who were supposed to have our best interest in mind and that would at least hold townhalls in order to get a better feeling for their constituency that elected them to their position before going further. Had this been done, we would not be here today and why I feel it is necessary to recall Senator Lynn Findley.
There are more reasons as to why I chose to be the chief petitioner than what was put on the form that many of you will be reading. But first let us look at the two reason I chose to put on the form.
Sen Lynn Findley was one of the chief architects of a bill that would target two current sitting senators unfairly. Regardless of what the news media tells you, it is only partly the truth. This was Senate Bill 875, a bill that would only target two out of the state senators who are republican, none of the democrats, and would unfairly punish them.
Then there is Senate Bill 554, a horrendous bill that would create a patch work of jurisdictions of who and who does not allow firearms on their properties, districts and departments. The media would have you believe that this would only be airports and schools, but that is not the truth. That is where the media stops and does not tell you all the different places this bill would take effect. There are over 600 different entities, districts, schools and much more that this bill would create a patchwork of places, to be able to keep up with all of them would be an elephant in the room of elephants. It instantly makes someone a felon just for possessing a legal firearm, by a legal person, who passed a background check, who had additional training to get their conceal carry permit.
Senator Findley stated that he stayed to fight the bill which he knew we would lose. And whether he chooses to believe that he was fighting for us, the best way would have to been denying the senate democrats quorum on this bill. He knew he was fighting a losing battle. So, I had to ask myself what was his motivation for staying knowing he was going to lose and the only way to have won was to deny the senate a quorum? He facilitated the passing of Senate Bill 554. There is no escaping this fact. Had he helped deny quorum on this bill, it would have never made it off the floor and quashed it. Now we all will be voting on it in 2022 in a state that has the propensity to silence republicans.
I have been contacted by a few people telling me things, which has only sought to empower my resolve in this recall. Senator Findley, along with 3 other republicans who facilitated the passing of a law that gutted the prosecution of 16- and 17yr old predators of rape and murder, the bill is Senate Bill 1008.
According to JustFacts at VotesMart.Org:
Voted against part time employees to keep their unemployment benefits during this pandemic.
He voted against “Prohibits Suspensions and Expulsions” at private daycare and pre-schools.
He voted against extending the time period for late rent payments.
Voted for environmental frameworks to address climate change.
Vote against Justice Agencies to include citizen review boards.
Vote against unemployment benefits for employees working less than full time.
He did not vote on “requires disclosure or organizations giving certain monetary donations to campaigns”.
He voted against procedures for the expungement of marijuana related convictions.
He voted against expanding access to substances that can stop overdoses and treat addiction.
He voted against reducing state public pension liability.
Voted against establishing standards for non-profit hospitals.
Voted for establishing statewide protocols for firearm removal from domestic abusers. This a red-flag law.
Here is who is lining his pockets:
Oregon Association of Realters – $35,000
Associated General Contractors – Oregon Columbia Chapter – $13,000
Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers Association of America – $11,000
Nike – $5,000
Oregon Association of Hospitals & Health Systems – $5,000
Paramount Gold Nevada Corporation – $5,0000
Oregon Health Care Association / Oregon Center for Assisted Living – $4,000
Oregon PERS Retirees – $3,500
Union Pacific – $3,000
Oregon Rural Electric Cooperative $2,750
BNSF – $2,500
Comcast Corporation & NBC Universal – $2,500
Anheuser-Busch Co – $2,000
Portland General Electric – $2,000
Moda Health – $2,000 – $2,000
Coalition for a Healthy Oregon $1,500
Idaho Power Co – $1,500
Johnson & Johnson Services – $1,500
Avista Corp – $1,000
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co – $1,000
Pfizer – $1,000
CNA Financial Corporation / Continental Casualty $1,000
The Doctors Co – $1,000
PacifiCorp – $1,000
Physicians Insurance Mutual Co – $1,000
State Farm Insurance Companies – $1,000
NewSun Energy – $1,000 (Green Energy) – $1,000
American Wind Energy Association – $750
There are at 13 contributors who have pharma/hospital/insurance as part of their make-up. And there are at least 6 energy contributors.
Here are the astonishing ones:
Johnson & Johnson
This list is by no means complete, but what I witnessed here makes me question his intentions and who he represents. That is why I bring it up.
Let this recall serve as notice, that I am just a hardworking man who is tired of a government that chooses to walk all over our human and inalienable rights. So, I am using my power to remove a sitting senator who I feel does not have our best interest in mind. I am but one man. And I am standing. Who among you is going to stand with me?
I am standing; I will not lay down. I am standing; I will not bow. I am still standing; I will not kneel. I am standing.
I am not alone.
One very tired veteran and native Oregonian, born and raised with Oregon in my blood.

Note:  5 and 10 Signature Sheets must be printed double sided.