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My name is Gregg Schumacher, CEO/Founder of SARE SOLUTIONS, Inc. and Stop Animal Rights Extremists, Incwww.saresolutions.com  Internationally, our companies effectively fight and counter  radical extremism  (groups and individuals), on behalf of businesses, industries, and citizensAdditionally, our team are strong supporters of the US Constitution and have developed strategies and legislation that hold government officials accountable, (personally), for their negligence of not upholding the laws of the US Constitution.  Furthermore, we are collating businesses and citizens in Portland and throughout the state of Oregon to implement our strategies and take action against numerous government officials for not enforcing existing laws of the US Constitution, which they took an oath to do so. The businesses participating will most likely have the option of being anonymous and their information not exposed to the public.  Of course the results of their negligence is rioting, violence, homelessness and economic and other damages we are all experiencing.  No one is providing an effective, doable plan to these problems in Portland and the state of Oregon other than our team.  The potential solutions provided by others offer only a Band-Aid on the problem and the only winners are attorneys.  I am reaching out to you as I think you will be interested in participating in our specific plan.  This is important, if this situation of lawlessness is not resolved now, the demise of Portland and Oregon will continue.  Our strategies are applicable to other cities also.

Please note I am the Owner/President of Schumacher Furs USA, Inc. (Est. 1895) in Portland, Oregon, which is the oldest fur company in America and one of the oldest businesses in Portland.  You may recall years 2005-2007, Schumacher Furs USA headquarters and retail operation in downtown Portland, Oregon, (SW 9th & Morrison Street), was terrorized and protested by radical lawless extremists groups and individuals for two straight years everyday with ZERO law enforcement from the Federal,, State, City, or County law enforcement.  Our security gathered over 480 hours of illegal protesting and terrorists activity from 1200 hours of total filming.  We are known worldwide, (even to this day), for enduring the most aggressive protest/terrorist activity against any animal usage business.  Unfortunately, the City of Portland ran us out of town by not enforcing the laws, and I was unable to receive protection from the illegal activity, and no insurance company worldwide would insure Schumacher Furs USA because of the terrorists activity. We closed our Portland retail operation in 2007 which was devastating to many and broke our family’s heart.  What happened to my family business is exactly what is occurring in Portland and other cities with lawless corrupt government officials not enforcing existing laws.  Our team, working together with you is going to solve this problem and provide a safe environment in Portland, and let businesses prosper again now and in the future.


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